What to Do When That Strange Smell Comes from Your Sewer

You may wake up in the morning asking “Where in the world is that horrible smell coming from” and the only answer may be a place you have little control over. That place is the dreaded sewer. Strange smells from your sewer may be caused by a variety of different sources. It is important to understand the source of your sewer smells emanating in the home as well as the affirmative steps to identify and solve this problem. Here is some information to help you deal with and eliminate those strange smells in your home. Continue reading

Slow Moving Drains? Here’s the Reason Why!

Professional drain cleaning may be the answer to your slow moving drains. Slow moving drains may be the result of clogs or residue that has built up over time, making it difficult for water to pass freely. The development of clogs resulting in the slow movement of water is something that happens to all plumbing systems over time. What we want to focus on is the why clogs happen and how different techniques, like a drain camera inspection performed by a drain cleaning service can make the difference in improving drain flow. Continue reading

Home Plumbing Repairs 101: Handling Your Pipes Like a Pro

From time to time, you may encounter problems with the plumbing system in your Pittsburgh area home. You may seek the assistance of a plumber in Pittsburgh to solve your more advanced problem. We are here to show you that you can handle some problems on your own. If you think you need professional drain cleaning or the services of a Pittsburgh plumbing expert to deal with your basic or intermediate plumbing problems, here are some do-it-yourself (DIY) tips that may help you before you make that call. Continue reading