3 Common Misconceptions about Professional Sewer Repair

Homeowners generally pay close attention to their plumbing and when they have leaky pipes or clogged drains, but they rarely think about how important their home sewer lines are. Sewer lines are usually out of sight and out of mind, so people rarely consider the fact that they require just as much maintenance and repairs as the rest of a home plumbing system. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of myths surrounding professional sewer repair, myths that often lead people to avoid having the repairs their sewer lines often need. Here are just a few of the more common myths that can lead to trouble.

Myth #1: Repairing a Sewer Line Involves Digging Up Your Driveway or Yard

There was a time when this myth was true. In order to gain access to a sewer line, professionals had to first dig the line up. This would practically destroy a home’s yard or driveway, so homeowners were reluctant to actually call somebody to repair their home sewer lines. These days, many sewer repairs can be done with little to no digging. Professionals that utilize this trenchless sewer repair first use a sewer inspection camera to see the inside of a sewer line to diagnose any damages. Next, they line the pipe with epoxy resin to create a pipe-within-a-pipe. This lining prevents tree branches from breaking through the line and prevents calcification from taking hold. It’s an easy, efficient way to repair a sewer line without doing unnecessary damage to your property.

Myth #2: Damage to Sewer Lines is Rare

The reason for this myth goes back to the fact that sewer lines are often out of sight and out of mind. While it may be true that an underground sewer line won’t see as many problems as the pipes and drains inside your home, they are still prone to things like corrosion, obstructions from tree branches or clogs caused by flushing the wrong materials.

The truth is that over 5 million water and sewer line emergencies occur in any given year, so sewer line problems are more common than many people realize. They can be expensive to repair as well, so make sure you call a repair professional if you even suspect that you have a problem with your sewer line.

Myth #3: Anything Can Be Sent Into a Sewer Line Safely

Some people tend to treat their toilets and other drains as all-purpose garbage disposals, but the truth is that relatively few things should be going into your home sewer line. Many substances such as cooking grease and any paper product that isn’t toilet paper can create some seriously bad clogs, while things such as unused medications and pesticides can actually be harmful to the environment. Cooking grease and oils should be thrown in the trash, and many communities have “take back” programs for unused chemicals and medications that are too dangerous to do down the drain or in a dumpster. As a rule, try not to flush anything or wash it down the drain if you aren’t absolutely sure it’s safe to do so.

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Smart Solutions for a Clog Free Drain | Infographic

While the drains throughout your house may work for the time being, they are constantly vulnerable to the threat of drain clogs. Clogging is unpredictable, making it a frustrating problem for any homeowners. Additionally, clogged drains can increase the potential of water damage through the structure of your home.

Luckily, there is a variety of actions you can take to help reduce the risk of clogging for all the drains in your home. Adhering to standard plumbing procedures, proper maintenance and using the right drain cleaning materials can help you significantly decrease the rate of clog formation in your home.

At Mister Sewer, we recognize that it is not always convenient to call a professional sewer repair technician for every clog that occurs in your home. If you happen to come across any drain issues in your home, give us a call. Our team is more than happy to help guide you through the process of making any simple repairs to your drain. For more serious problems, we are proud to offer emergency drain cleaning services to solve your drain problems as soon as possible. Don’t let the potential for serious clogs build up in your home, contact Mister Sewer today!

Smart Solutions for a Clog Free Drain

Why Trust a Sewer Inspection Camera

Most people know what needs to be done when they have problems with their home’s plumbing, but they don’t always know what to do when there’s something wrong with their sewer line. A home’s main sewer line is underground, so it’s often out of sight and out of mind. It requires just as much maintenance as the rest of a home’s plumbing, and when problems arise they are typically diagnosed with a sewer inspection camera.

What is a Sewer Inspection Camera?

A sewer inspection camera is a flexible camera that can be snaked into a sewer line. Most cameras are suitable for both large sewer pipes and narrow drains, and they are ideal for getting an accurate image of what is inside of a sewer line. A sewer inspection camera can be used to diagnose even the smallest problems with an accuracy that would’ve been largely unheard of years ago. Depending on what is wrong with your home’s sewer line, a sewer repair professional may not need to do any kind of digging to make a proper diagnosis.

Why You Can Trust a Sewer Inspection Camera

A sewer camera inspection typically uses a high-definition camera to get as accurate a picture of your sewer line as possible. A reputable repair professional will also share this footage with you so you know for sure what is causing the plumbing problems in your home. Some of the problems that can be diagnosed with a sewer inspection camera include severe clogs, corroded piping, cracks, misalignments, root intrusions and bulges in the pipe itself. These problems have traditionally been difficult to diagnose due to having a sewer line buried primarily underground. In the past, the sewer line would have to be dug up before these issues became apparent. This would cause sometimes irreparable damage to a home’s yard or driveway. With a sewer camera inspection, the job becomes much easier and less intrusive.

The one thing that a sewer inspection camera cannot do is fix problems that they find. They are used for diagnosis; fixing the actual problem may be a bit more problematic. Still, the fact that professionals can use a high-quality camera to find out exactly what is wrong with your home’s sewer line is impressive. Sewer inspection cameras may be fairly new, but they can be trusted to learn exactly what needs to be done with your home’s sewer line with little fuss.

If your home sewer system is showing some of the signs of trouble, contact the sewer repair experts at Mister Sewer. Using a high-definition sewer inspection camera, the team at Mister Sewer can quickly identify the cause of the problem, helping them come up with affordable and efficient solutions to keep your home’s sewer system running smoothly. For efficient repair that gets the job done right, contact Mister Sewer today!