There are generally two ways that stubborn clogs are resolved: hydro jetting and drain snaking.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting is an effective choice when you have a stubborn blockage that won’t clear or frequent blockages. A pressurized jet of water will clear a blockage, even a tree root, and will also clear the walls of your pipes. Another benefit of hydro jetting is the fact that it’s effective on just about any kind of pipe and clears a clog fast. Although hydro jetting is effective, it’s a powerful process that can damage older fragile pipes. If this method is employed, the water pressure should be adjusted to accommodate the condition of the pipelines. The benefits of this powerful process are obvious.

  • Effectively Clears Pipe Walls
  • Works Well on Every Type of Pipeline
  • Can Clear Complicated Blockages
  • Quickly Eliminates Clogs

Drain Snaking

Snaking is a method for clearing an obstruction that puts no stress on your pipelines. It’s also an easy method for clearing a simple blockage.

Additionally, it can provide insight into the condition of your pipes. For example, snaking can reveal the presence of a complex blockage like a tree root. The mode of clearing a blockage using a snake is via pressure. If a blockage was previously perceived to be a simple one, but snaking revealed the clog to have no movement and to be a solid mass; it is safe to assume that the blockage could be caused by a tree root that has grown within the pipeline. In these instances, hydro jetting is often the best method to employ. Snaking has obvious benefits primarily in cases where the blockage is a simple one and is generally an easy fix.

  • It Clears Minor Clogs Easily
  • It’s not Stressful on Pipes and Preferred when the Pipes are Older and More Fragile
  • It can Reveal more Complex Blockages and the Condition of the Pipeline

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