5 DIY Solutions to Try Before Calling the Plumber

When you have a clogged toilet it is easy to get worried and call a plumber immediately. While a plumber is the most qualified person to fix a serious issue with your toilet or sink, there are a few things you should try first in order to be sure that it is not just a simple clog that can be remedied quickly.

1. Stop Flushing the Toilet

People have a tendency to jiggle the handle or try to flush their toilet over and over when water is going down slowly or will not go down at all. This can make the problem worse by letting water fill up in your toilet, which can make the clog worse and cleanup messier later.

2. Turn off the Water

If your toilet is clogged and you do not have time to try to fix the clog, turn the water off so that another member of your household will not accidentally flush it and cause the toilet to overflow. If the toilet is already overflowing or the water level is high, turn the water off so that you do not end up having to clean overflowed water from your bathroom floor.

3. Find the Root Cause

Most often the cause of a toilet clog is just the result of a buildup of toilet paper or waste, but we have seen everything from kids’ toys to cell phones to dog chew toys clogging toilets. Ask your family members if they are aware of anything else that could have caused the clog. If there is something other than paper stuck in your toilet, it is important to call a plumber to have it removed so that you do not damage your toilet.

4. Plunge the Toilet

Plunging the toilet is the most common way to try to clear the clog because it is the most effective. Plungers use suction to push and pull water through the neck of your toilet where many clogs occur. If your plunging does not work, you may need to try a toilet auger.

5. Use a Toilet Auger

For high-efficiency, low-flow toilets or elongated toilets, regular plungers may be ineffective. Toilet augers (also known as “toilet snakes”) are more effective for these types of toilets. If you do not own a toilet auger or do not know how to use one, you can scratch or crack your toilet so it is best to bring in a professional.

If these tricks did not work, you may have a more serious issue, one that will require a sewer inspection camera to diagnose. If you are looking for the right Pittsburgh plumbing services to fix your toilet, look no further than the sewer and drain experts at Mister Sewer. Before you dig, call Mister Sewer! Using our state-of-the-art sewer inspection camera, a plumber from Mister Sewer can help to determine the cause of your clogged toilet or drain. Avoid the hit-and-miss guessing game of clogged drains, call Mister Sewer today!

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