5 Reasons to Avoid Pouring Chemical Cleaners Down Your Drain

Many people who have problems with their plumbing reach for a bottle of drain cleaner before they do anything else. On one hand, this is perfectly understandable; pouring some Drano down a stopped up sink is about as simple as drain cleaning gets. On the other hand, these products contain harsh chemicals that can damage your plumbing and lead to serious problems down the road if they are overused. Here are just a few reasons why it’s better to call a Pittsburgh plumbing and drain cleaning service instead of resorting to chemical cleaners.

Chemical Drain Cleaners are Highly Toxic

Many of the chemicals in commercial drain cleaners – especially off-brand cleaners – give off toxic fumes that linger after the cleaner itself has gone down the drain. These fumes irritate your nose and eyes, and at their worst they can even sting when they are inhaled. The cleaners themselves can be harmful or fatal if swallowed, so they should always be kept out of reach of children when you have them in your home.

Chemical Drain Cleaners can Erode Your Pipes

Chemical drain cleaners are incredibly caustic; they have to be to be able to break up stubborn clogs. Unfortunately, this doesn’t bode well for your pipes if you rely on chemicals to fix every plumbing problem you have. The main active ingredient in many cleaners is hydrochloric acid, an incredibly harsh substance that can erode the pipes in your home, especially older pipes or PVC pipes. You won’t notice this damage immediately, but over time you may notice that your metal pipes become corroded or even leaky, while PVC pipes will become soft.

Chemical Drain Cleaners are Bad for the Environment

After you use a drain cleaner from a plastic bottle, said bottle will always have some chemical residue left inside. When these bottles end up in a landfill, that residue can cause damage to the environment. The one bottle of drain cleaner that you use may not make much of a difference, but try to imagine millions of people using a harsh chemical drain cleaner and throwing out their bottles. That kind of pollution will add up over time.

Future Chemical Reactions can Be Caused by Chemical Drain Cleaners

Just as the chemicals from drain cleaners leave a residue in their own plastic bottles, they also leave a residue on the sides of your pipes. Professional drain cleaning products each have their own ingredients, and using a variety of cleaners will expose your plumbing to several different chemicals. These chemicals can react with each other, sometimes violently and in a way that will damage your plumbing.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Don’t Always Work

Not all drain problems can be solved with chemicals. If your problem has to do with your sewer line or a broken pipe, no chemical drain cleaner will fix your plumbing. All you’re doing is pouring a toxic and corrosive substance down your drains.

Instead of reaching for a bottle of Drano every time your drains are running too slowly, contact the Pittsburgh plumbing and drain cleaning services of Mister Sewer first. Our professionals can suggest a safer solution to your plumbing problem, helping you save time and money with any plumbing or pipe repair. Don’t waste your money pouring damaging chemical cleaners down the drain and contact Mister Sewer instead for all your home drain pipe repairs.

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  1. i have been doing research on chemical drain cleaners when i came across this article. this is one of the most informative articles around. i would like to add that the number of cases of poisoning, injuries is around 2 million in the US alone each year. it is a pity that people continue to buy this product, given the potential hazards that are associated with chemical drain cleaners

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