6 Problems You Can Prevent With Camera Sewer Inspection

If you have ever been forced to deal with major plumbing and sewage problems in your home, you likely realize the value of taking action at the first sign of trouble. One of the best ways to implement this kind of action is by scheduling a camera sewer inspection. A video sewer inspection can be useful if you are selling your home or considering a new home. Additionally, this type of inspection may help to determine a specific problem you’ve been experiencing in your home, and it could spare you much time and expense. In fact, a Pittsburgh sewer repair professional can help to prevent a variety of issues by utilizing this convenient strategy.

  1. Intruding Roots (and Ruined Landscaping)

By using a camera to inspect your sewer line, a professional may discover root intrusion in the area. While you may not currently be experiencing major issues, you may soon have problems if the roots are allowed to continue growing. An inspection via camera is one of the least invasive ways to detect this type of condition. Instead of tearing into the ground and destroying your landscaping, a sewer repair company may recommend this service.

  1. Objects in the Sewer Line

You might be surprised at the range of objects that can be found in a sewer line. In addition to roots, a video inspection might reveal the presence of toys, electronic gadgets, jewelry, and other items that do not belong in your sewer line. These objects can impede your sewer system from functioning as intended.

  1. Cracked and Fractured Pipes

When pipes become fractured or cracked from pressure, they can ultimately leak sewage into the environment. This can be unhealthy for everyone who relies on the sewer system in an area. A camera sewer inspection enables a professional plumbing service to discover this issue before it becomes a major problem.

  1. Settled Pipes and Collapsed Pipes

A settled pipe may also be called a “bellied pipe.” Essentially, this term is used to describe a pipe section that has sunk lower than the rest of the pipe. When this happens, waste matter and other items may accumulate in that part of the pipe, and the system will no longer function as it should. A collapsed pipe can cause similar problems. A video inspection can detect a settled or collapsed pipe before serious damage has been done.

  1. Grease Blockage

Another common issue that may be determined during an inspection is grease blockage. In the same way that various objects may block the system and cause it to malfunction, grease can build up in the pipes and prevent them from working properly. If grease is detected early enough, an overflow problem might be avoided.

  1. Leaking Pipe Joints

If the seal of a pipe joint is damaged, the result can be a leak that can cause problems. Water may leak into the area around the pipe, and this can eventually cause corrosion. A camera inspection could find this type of leak, so you can deal with the issue before further damage manifests.

If you have noticed any kinds of problems with the plumbing in your home, various Pittsburgh plumbers may suggest a camera sewer inspection. This is generally the least invasive way to detect the cause of your plumbing problems. By taking this precautionary measure when you initially notice a problem, you could prevent much damage – and you may also be spared from major expense.

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