Cleaning Out Clogged Drain Lines in the Basement – Slideshow

No matter if your home is old or new, every home has a basement drain installed. This basement drain is vital in the home’s plumbing system, as it is primarily responsible for removing waste from the home and into the main sewer line.

Over time, these drains can become clogged and congested with a variety of waste materials. Cleaning out any clogs is a must, as this type of congestion can lead to waste backup and cause damage throughout the home.

Stay on top of clogged drains all throughout the home with help from the Pittsburgh plumbers at Mister Sewer. For years, the Mister Sewer team has provided Pittsburgh with efficient plumbing and trenchless sewer line repairs to help keep your pipes running smoothly and efficiently. Don’t let small plumbing issues turn into costly home repairs and contact Mister Sewer at the first sign of clogs, backups or any household plumbing problem.

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