Dealing With a Troublesome Toilet

Most everybody takes a working toilet for granted. However, when they won’t flush properly or run incessantly, they are all anybody can think about. Here are a few things to do if a troublesome toilet becomes the center of your universe.

A Home Run Flush

If your toilet won’t flush the first time around, there are several things you can do. First, look inside the tank to make sure the chain hangs loosely from the flapper cap to the handle. When the chain is overly long, the flapper cap won’t open, which means the toilet won’t flush as it should.

To remedy the situation, shorten the chain by attaching one link of the chain to another link. If that doesn’t solve the problem, consider the tank’s water level, since it is the deciding factor in flush strength. If the tank isn’t filling properly, twist the float bulb valve until it points in an upward direction. If the tank doesn’t fill after that, look for the toilet bowl rim holes, and clean them if they are clogged with any sort of debris. Finally, if those measures don’t work, replace the faulty fill valve since it is probably broken.

Mystery Flushes

When the toilet flushes all by itself, you may begin to wonder if you have a stranger in the home. The mystery is solved if you see that the flapper valve is no longer doing its job. Worn out or damaged flapper valves allow water to escape down the drain, which makes the toilet continually refill. To fix it, buy a flapper valve replacement at your local hardware store and follow the installation instructions on the package.

Feeble Flushes

When the flush of your low-flow toilet is less than spectacular, you need to beef it up. You can add muscle to the flush by making sure the tank contains the correct amount of water. Make sure water meets the fill line, which is usually marked on the inside of the tank. Most tanks are sold with a water level marking. If not, use the float bulb valve so that the water is about a half inch below the overflow tube.

On and On It Goes

Is your toilet constantly running but not getting anywhere? If that’s the case, your flapper valve is not sealing as it should. To correct the situation, remove anything that might stop the valve from closing correctly, including obstacles such as bowl cleaning products and mineral deposits.

Drips and Drops

There’s an easy way to find out if the tank is harmlessly sweating or if another problem is causing the drip All you need to do is place food coloring in the tank. If it ends up on the floor, the tank may have cracks or your pipes and connections might be loose.

Water, Water Everywhere

If it looks like your toilet may overflow at any moment, don’t panic. To turn off the water, just remove the tank’s lid and lift the fill valve’s ball or cylinder to put an end to the seemingly endless flow of water.

While there are some toilet troubles that you can easily tackle on your own, sometimes it’s for the best to reach out to the pros. If your toilet issues or plumbing problems seem to be just outside your range of repair, get in touch with the Pittsburgh plumbers at Mister Sewer. For over 25 years, the Mister Sewer team has built a reputation for being some of the most courteous, kind and quickest professional plumbing services in Pittsburgh. No matter if you have a drain clog or are in need of sewer pipe repair, call Mister Sewer today for some of the best services around.

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