Expert Tips to Conserving Water Throughout the Home

Whether you are searching for ways you can reduce your monthly water bill, are looking for ways to conserve our precious resource—or a little bit of both, the four tips below will help you to conserve water throughout your home.

Fix Those Dripping Faucets

As minimal as it may sound, just three drips per minute adds up to just over 100 wasted gallons of water each year. In most cases, you will see far more than three drips per minute—especially if you add up the drips from all faucets throughout your home and garden. Sometimes all you need to do is replace the washer—which is fast, easy, and inexpensive. If that doesn’t do the trick, call your local plumber.

Take a Proactive Approach To Leaks

Considering that three small drips per hour can add up to many gallons per year, imagine how much water is wasted when you have a leak. To reduce the likelihood of leaks, fix all of your slow and clogged drains—and inspect your visible pipes and hoses on a quarterly basis. Don’t forget the outdoor faucets, and appliances such as your washing machine and dishwasher—and that a running toilet is also wasting water.

Upgrade To Water Saving Appliances And Nozzles

Another way to conserve water is to upgrade to water nozzles and appliances that are designed to conserve water. This includes kitchen and bathroom sinks, shower heads, washing machines, and toilets. While these upgrades require an upfront cost, they will pay for themselves. For example, a low-flow toilet uses about 1.6 gallons of water per flush—compared to 3-6 gallons for older toilets.

Creative Ways To Save Water

Another way to conserve water is to get creative, and look for safe ways to save and recycle water. Below are just a few water saving ideas to consider:

  • Use the water leftover from boiling vegetables to water your outdoor garden or indoor plants
  • Use leftover water in your teapot to water plants, or set it aside in a bucket or bottle to clean
  • Collect stormwater to water your lawn and garden
  • Do not use your toilet as a garbage—such as throwing a facial tissue in the tank then flushing
  • Only run your dishwasher or washing machine when they are full
  • Use reusable ice cubes
  • Keep cold water in the fridge so that you do not have to run the water until it gets cold

The four tips below will help you to conserve water. You can also reach out to a local plumber for additional water conservation ideas. A high water bill may be the result of a serious plumbing or drain issue in your home. Make sure your home’s plumbing, drains and sewers are running smoothly by contacting the professional Pittsburgh plumbers at Mister Sewer. Our Mister Sewer, we take the time to diagnose the problem and come up with the most effective and affordable solution to help you save time and money. Whether you have clogged drains, a backed up sewer line or just general plumbing problems throughout the home, for quality service and the expertise to get the job done right, contact Mister Sewer today!

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