Find the Root of the Problem With A Camera Inspection

A clogged sewer can often be more of a problem than initially realized. This is because there is often a challenge determining what portion of the sewer line is clogged. The fastest and safest way to identify the root of a sewer clog is by calling a qualified professional plumber and having a sewer camera inspection completed.

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

A sewer camera inspection consists of inspecting the inside of a sewer pipeline by using a specialty camera. It allows experts to evaluate the overall condition of the sewer lines, determine the root causes of a problem, and identify the exact location of the problem. Having a cameral inspection performed can prevent unnecessary digging, as well as unnecessary costs.


How Sewer Camera Inspections Take Place

A video sewer inspection is completed by running a camera tractor with a flexible cable attached to the back of a service truck, through the sewer pipelines.  The camera enters from an access pipe that leads down the sewer at an angle, either through a manhole or between manholes. The service truck is typically parked right above the access point of the suspected pipe, this way the operator can control the movement and speed of the camera. Once the truck is in location, the operator then sets up what’s referred to as a “down-hole roller,” this is set up to prevent the cable from causing damage by rubbing against the top of the pipeline.

The operator can then begin the inspection by operating the camera tractor remotely from the service truck. This process allows the expert to identify the exact cause and location of the problem.

Upon completion, the camera tractor is removed by reversing the gear and the cable, which are wound up simultaneously. 

Sewer Problems Seen with a Camera Inspection

There are two common causes to major sewer backup and problems.  They are corrosion of the sewer pipes and blockages. Chances are, if you are a home owner, you have experienced one of these issues and wished you hadn’t.

The best way to combat these issues is with a video camera inspection.   Both corrosion and blockages can be found with a camera inspection and by having this inspection before the problem does damage to your home, can save you time, money, and frustration.

Sewer backups can happen repeatedly over the years before a homeowner senses there is a real problem with their sewer line.  If you are a homeowner who is experiencing constant sewer backups, then it is time to call a professional plumber to get to the root of the problem.  At Mister Sewer, our professionals have years of experience in video camera inspections and can help you locate your problem once and for all.  Call today to talk to one of our experts!

4 thoughts on “Find the Root of the Problem With A Camera Inspection

  1. It amazes me that they can use cameras to see inside the sewers. This seems much more economical that digging up around the sewer to find the problem. Should you have this done regularly to make sure that everything is ok, or do you only do it when there is a problem?

  2. Well written post! I really thankful to your fastest and safest way which identify the root of a sewer clog. I really found the great blog and got the valuable information how to clean sewer from a sewer camera inspection. Thanks for sharing..

  3. Even though it seems simple, It’s not an easy task to choose a sewer camera. First concern is isolation against water. The design should be waterproof to use in wet conditions. The second concern is the residues might block the sight of the camera lens. It is not easys to aim and place the camera to the desired location because of the cable especially in elbow type pipes and connections, fittings. Thinking about a more sophisticated design or solution might be better. this site gives information about sewer pipe inspection cameras and systems. Its not in English though there are plenty of pictures and with Google translate you can have some good information.

  4. When I shifted my apartment it was a old model house and the sewer lines was not working properly , but later I came to know about sewer pipe repair . They sent a guy to my apartment and with the help of sewer inspection camera he sort out all my problems with in a few hours . Thanks to them .

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