How Does Trenchless Sewer Repair Work?

There was a time when sewage line replacement meant tearing apart your yard. Tearing you lawn apart may have saved your sewer line and plumbing, but it almost always means sacrificing your lawn and landscaping. Although a necessity, it is a long, complicated, and expensive process. Fortunately, that time has passed for many modern plumbing companies, thanks to trenchless sewer repair.

As its name implies, trenchless sewer repair or trenchless pipe repair allows workers to replace a sewer line without having to dig a large trench. There is still some digging involved, but the damage to your lawn is increasingly minimized. Landscaping can be costly, this is why more and more homeowners are deciding to move forward with trenchless sewer repair.

Trenchless Sewer Repair: Step by Step

Before any work can begin on your sewer line, the existing line must be examined by a specialty camera made to navigate sewer lines. This is a long and flexible camera that is snaked into the pipe via a drain in your home. The camera then gives the plumber an idea of the length of the sewer line and the extent of any damaged.

After the initial inspection is completed, the sewer pipe is then accessed from the shallowest point. This shallow point is typically in your basement or an area just outside of your home. The host pipe is then flushed out with a hydro-jetter, and any remaining debris is cleared out with a mechanical plumbing snake.


Once the sewer line is clear, the new pipe lining is inserted in to the sewer and left to cure. This new liner is called a “cured in place pipe,” or CIPP. It is made from a resin that hardens and essentially replaces your old, damaged sewer line. This is all completed with minimal digging because only part of the sewer line needs to be accessed for a trenchless pipe repair to be completed.

After the sewer line is given time to cure, an inspection is performed with a sewer camera to make sure that the repair was completed properly. If all is well, service can be returned to your home, and your new sewer line can be used right away. One of the biggest advantages of trenchless sewer repair is that it can often be completed in only one day.

As you can see, a sewage line replacement is no longer an arduous task that risks tearing apart your lawn or driveway. A trenchless pipe repair requires minimal digging for most situations and for some homes there may be no digging at all. The process is quick and relatively simple, and your new sewer line is tough enough to last for several years.

If you’ve been having issues with your sewer line and believe it needs to be replaced, contact Mister Sewer to find out if trenchless sewer repair is an option for you!

13 thoughts on “How Does Trenchless Sewer Repair Work?

  1. We currently have a sewer line which is leaking. The leak isn’t a gusher, but it is enough to have dumped about 80 to 100 gallons of dirty water into the crawl space under the house. We had two plumbers give us an estimate for the repair. The first involved diggin under the foundation, removing part of it, replacing the cast iron pipe with newer age materials, then racing the plumbing inside the crawl space. Total estimated cost: $4,600.00 minimum.

    The second plumber gave us an estimate for the trenchless method: $480.00! It is a no brainer. Why spend $$4180 more for an out of date technique!

    If the line isn’t crushed or displaced for some reason, digging, replacing and destroying landscaping isn’t necessary. All plumbers need to learn about this new method.

    And remember your homeowner’s insurance will pay for the hazmat cleanup, less the deductible. The savings are incredible.

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  3. It’s great to know that this type of system will only use minimal to no digging at all. I just got curious about this since I heard my mom talk to my aunt on the phone. It appears that my aunt’s house is too old already since they inherited it from their grandparents, so there are parts that need to be replaced such as their trenchless pipe which she mentioned earlier.

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  5. Thanks for explaining that trenchless sewer repair is the process of replacing a sewer line without having to dig a large trench. My husband and I need to have our home’s sewer line replaced. I’m glad to hear it can be done without the need for a large trench in our yard.

  6. Thank you for helping me learn more about trenchless sewer repair work. I didn’t know that there are specialty cameras made to navigate sewer lines. I’m kind of interested to learn how long these cameras can be, especially if they are used to examine very long pipes.

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