Hydro Jetting vs. Drain Snaking: Choosing the Right Solution for Your Plumbing Problems

Most people don’t spend much time thinking about their plumbing system until it stops working properly. When we face a stubborn clog that our own limited efforts can’t resolve we are often forced to rely on professional plumbing services to help resolve the issue.

There are generally two ways that stubborn clogs are resolved. The simplest method is drain snaking. A long thin cable with a coil on the end, called an auger, is pushed through your pipes, forcing its way through the stubborn clogs and build-up. Conversely, hydro jetting is another effective method that is used to clear stubborn clogs. A jet of pressurized water is pushed through your pipes, clearing out any blockages, tree roots, and build up along the entire length of your pipelines. Although both methods for clearing a blockage are effective, your particular situation should be the best determinant for deciding which option to use.

Drain Snaking or Hydro Jetting?
When trying to determine the best method to use to clear your blocked plumbing, it is best to take a close look at your particular situation. Consider a few important points before arriving at a conclusion.

  • What type of blockage is it?

If it is a simple blockage caused by too much toilet paper or a buildup of grease and foods somewhere in your pipelines, perhaps simply snaking your pipes with an auger is all you need.

  • Is there a tree root blocking part of your pipeline?

If so, snaking is probably not going to be enough. It may require drain and sewer cleaning from a plumber. Hydro-jetting services may be needed to clear your pipelines.  Pressurized water is strong enough to power through tree roots and other tough blockages.  However, if your pipes are old and fragile, hydro jetting might damage them, creating a compound problem that will be costly to fix.

Drain Snaking
Snaking is often the preferred method for clearing an obstruction because there is no stress on your pipelines. It’s also an easy method for clearing a simple blockage. Additionally, it can provide insight into the condition of your pipes. For example, snaking can reveal the presence of a complex blockage like a tree root. The mode of clearing a blockage using a snake is via pressure. If a blockage was previously perceived to be a simple one, but snaking revealed the clog to have no movement and to be a solid mass; it is safe to assume that the blockage could be caused by a  tree root that has grown within the pipeline. In these instances, hydro jetting is often the best method to employ. Snaking has obvious benefits primarily in cases where the blockage is a simple one and is generally an easy fix.

  • It Clears Minor Clogs Easily
  • It’s not Stressful on Pipes and Preferred when the Pipes are Older and More Fragile
  • It can Reveal more Complex Blockages and the Condition of the Pipeline
  • It’s been Used for Decades by Many plumbers and Works Well

Hydro Jetting
Hydro Jetting is an effective choice when you have a stubborn blockage that won’t clear or frequent blockages. A pressurized jet of water will clear a blockage, even a tree root, and will also clear the walls of your pipes. Another benefit of hydro jetting is the fact that it’s effective on just about any kind of pipe and clears a clog fast. Although hydro jetting is effective, it’s a powerful process that can damage older fragile pipes.  If this method is employed, the water pressure should be adjusted to accommodate the condition of the pipelines. The benefits of this powerful process are obvious.

  • Effectively Clears Pipe Walls
  • Works Well on Every Type of Pipeline
  • Can Clear Complicated Blockages
  • Quickly Eliminates Clogs

Regardless of the method, a close look at your particular situation should be used to determine the most effective and safest mode needed to get the job done.  Often, professional plumbing services may be needed.  Get in touch with the Pittsburgh plumbing and drain cleaning experts at Mister Sewer for all your plumbing problems. Our friendly and courteous staff works with you every step of the way to diagnose and treat your home’s drains and pipelines. Better yet, our state-of-the-art camera sewer inspection allows us to find precisely what is causing the problem before ever starting to work. Quite playing the hit-or-miss guessing games when it comes to your plumbing repair, find a more efficient solution by contacting Mister Sewer.

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