Hydrojetting Drain Cleaning: Is it Right for Your Home?

Having drain issues is never fun, but hydro jetting services can help clean out the drain and help prevent a recurrence. So what exactly is hydro-jetting? Hydro-jetting is an alternative to traditional drain cleanout services, such as roto rooter, in which a snake is inserted into the drain and run down into the pipes, where it swirls around as it uncoils, forcing its way through the clog, removing roots as it goes. When a drain is cleaned with hydro jetting services, pressurized water is used to clean the drain, removing the entire clog and all roots and debris that may be causing your system to back up. However, this process isn’t for every situation. Pittsburgh hydro-jetting services can take the confusion out of the decision of whether to use hydro-jetting or traditional roto.

Advantages of Hydro-jetting

While hydro-jetting isn’t for every situation and configuration, it has major advantages over traditional roto-rooter services. Specifically, when pipes are jetted, the clearing occurs in a 360° pattern, ensuring that all roots and debris are cleared from the entire pipeline. Traditional roto services punch holes through clogs and remove debris that is in the path of the snake, therefore Roto cannot clean the drain as thoroughly as hydro jetting services can. Additionally, the strong spray can reach areas that the snake may not be able to. For example, some smaller hydro hoses can be inserted directly into the toilet bowl, allowing clearing of clogs from the bowl through the pipes, all the way to, and in some cases beyond the line. This can be done because the hydro jet nozzle can easily bend around p-traps and other bends in the pipes. Hydro-jetting is a fantastic alternative to cleaning PVC pipes. Hydro-jetting can also help stave off costly sewer line replacement.

The next time you find your drains backing up, consider hydro-jetting services. The professional Pittsburgh plumbers at Mister Sewer are equipped to handle your drain problems and are ready to serve you for all your hydro-jetting needs. Make sure your home’s pipes and plumbing and running smoothly and contact the experts at Mister Sewer today!

One thought on “Hydrojetting Drain Cleaning: Is it Right for Your Home?

  1. Can hydrojetting mess with p-traps? I had my pipes hydrojetted this weekend and now there’s a strange odor emitting from drain. I also felt extremely disoriented after spending a few hours cleaning the bathroom/kitchen where the drains are.

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