Knowing Your Sewer Repair Options

When it comes to your home’s plumbing system, it is important to focus on correct maintenance and prevention techniques. Failure to care for your plumbing system properly can lead to serious concerns related to burst pipes, sewage back-ups and more. If you need sewer repair, it is best to contact the experts right away.  There are multiple repair options available for sewer repair.

Drain Cleaning

Most homeowners start their sewer repair with a basic drain cleaning. Using an auger to try and clean the drain can be tricky, and can often make the problem worse. A professional uses hydro-jetting services and other drain cleaning methods to clear out clogs and clean the pipes properly. After drain cleaning, if they are concerned of a serious problem with the sewage lines, they will use a sewer inspection camera to check for tree roots.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Do you live in an older home that is rich with beautiful landscaping? Having your yard destroyed to replace the sewer lines can be a major frustration. Trenchless sewer repair is a smart decision if your home is older than 40 years. A trenchless sewer line repair will involve “pipe lining” or “pipe bursting”. A pipe liner is simply using a flexible tube that is coated with resin and is cured in place. It is pulled through the damaged pipe and then inflated to stay in place. The pipe will harden after being in place for several hours, creating a new pipe. The lining will cause your pipe to be smaller, but it should not impact the ability to remove waste from your home.  Pipe bursting will involve placing a new pipe through your existing pipe. It is similar to pipe lining, but the new pipe is simultaneously fractured so you will need multiple access holes to move the pipe lateral. This method is durable and can last around 50 years if done properly.

Replacing Old Pipes

If your sewer system is older, you do have the option of digging up the old pipes and replacing them with a new pipe. The plumbing experts will need to examine your pipes and will determine what is the best option. Since replacement of the entire sewer system is expensive and a large undertaking, they may look for other methods to try and repair your sewage system. One benefit of a complete pipe replacement is that you are able to get modern pipes with proper grade so you do not end up having low spots and bellies in the pipes where sewage can become stuck. It is best to meet with a certified expert to discuss your sewer repair options before you try to start cleaning your drains and snaking them on your own. Professionals have the right tools and services needed to do the job correctly.

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