The Potential Hazards of Chemical Drain Cleaning Products

Are drain cleaning products effective? These chemicals can help for problems related to hazards with your health along with concerns related to the condition of your pipes. Chemicals can lead to serious concerns with the drains as they can weaken and damage the pipes over the years. Hiring a professional to inspect the drains is the best option as they can use a sewer inspection camera to check for concerns with your homes sewage system. If there are tree roots and other concerns in the sewage system, the cameras will allow the plumbers to locate the source of the problem. Some drains can be cleaned easily while others may need to be completely replaced.

Why Drain Cleaners Are Bad For Your Pipes

Drain cleaners can do significant damage to your drains as the chemicals can cause a reaction in the pipes that damage old pipes or soften PVC pipes. Another issue with the drain cleaners is that the chemicals will sit in the pipes and can weaken the pipes in different areas. Older pipes with rust and erosion will quickly start to fail if a homeowner continues to use chemical cleaners to break up clogs.

Why Drain Cleaners Are Concerning

One of the major issues with drain cleaners is that it can burn your skin. The drain cleaners are designed to eat away at your skin and other things that it comes into contact with. This is why the drain cleaner is concerning for your health. Approximately 1700 people suffer injury from chemical drain cleaners each year. These injuries can be minor skin injuries or serious health concerns like blindness.

Using Drain Cleaner

If you use drain cleaners, it is important to follow the directions to prevent skin injuries and other problems. Never pour the chemical down the drain and look at it after you have poured it down. Chemical cleaners can easily bubble back up, causing blindness and other problems. Consider using an auger to break up clogs that are close to the opening of the pipe. For other clogs, it is best to hire a professional.

Consulting a Professional

Hire a professional to help with sewer drain cleaning. They have the right equipment needed to clean your drains safely. Hydro-jetting and other non-toxic cleaning methods will protect your pipes and the health of your family. Talk to a professional from Mister Sewer about maintenance methods you can use to protect your homes pipes, and prevent major clogs from occurring. At Mister Sewer, our team has over 25 years of experience in fixing sewer pipes. With the expertise and skill to address any sewer problem, take the time and call Mister Sewer today at 412.835.2135.

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