Simple DIY Tips to Clean Your Clogged Drains | Slideshow

When the drains in your home are close to clogging, the signs are quite obvious. Taking immediate action at the first sign of a clogged drain can help you keep your drains running smoothly all year long while avoiding even more serious drain issues down the road.

Luckily for homeowners, there are a variety of simple steps you can take if you notice your drains aren’t working quite as efficiently as they once were. Check out the slideshow and discover some of the simplest DIY solutions to preventing blocked drain pipes throughout your home.

If you are experiencing any drain blockage in your home, be sure to contact the drain cleaning professionals at Mister Sewer. Our team of Pittsburgh plumbers uses state-of-the-art drain technology to leave your drains free of clutter and debris, fixing even the most stubborn of drain clogs in your home. Don’t let dirt and grime build up in the drain pipes in your home, contact Mister Sewer today!

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