Why Trust a Sewer Inspection Camera

Most people know what needs to be done when they have problems with their home’s plumbing, but they don’t always know what to do when there’s something wrong with their sewer line. A home’s main sewer line is underground, so it’s often out of sight and out of mind. It requires just as much maintenance as the rest of a home’s plumbing, and when problems arise they are typically diagnosed with a sewer inspection camera.

What is a Sewer Inspection Camera?

A sewer inspection camera is a flexible camera that can be snaked into a sewer line. Most cameras are suitable for both large sewer pipes and narrow drains, and they are ideal for getting an accurate image of what is inside of a sewer line. A sewer inspection camera can be used to diagnose even the smallest problems with an accuracy that would’ve been largely unheard of years ago. Depending on what is wrong with your home’s sewer line, a sewer repair professional may not need to do any kind of digging to make a proper diagnosis.

Why You Can Trust a Sewer Inspection Camera

A sewer camera inspection typically uses a high-definition camera to get as accurate a picture of your sewer line as possible. A reputable repair professional will also share this footage with you so you know for sure what is causing the plumbing problems in your home. Some of the problems that can be diagnosed with a sewer inspection camera include severe clogs, corroded piping, cracks, misalignments, root intrusions and bulges in the pipe itself. These problems have traditionally been difficult to diagnose due to having a sewer line buried primarily underground. In the past, the sewer line would have to be dug up before these issues became apparent. This would cause sometimes irreparable damage to a home’s yard or driveway. With a sewer camera inspection, the job becomes much easier and less intrusive.

The one thing that a sewer inspection camera cannot do is fix problems that they find. They are used for diagnosis; fixing the actual problem may be a bit more problematic. Still, the fact that professionals can use a high-quality camera to find out exactly what is wrong with your home’s sewer line is impressive. Sewer inspection cameras may be fairly new, but they can be trusted to learn exactly what needs to be done with your home’s sewer line with little fuss.

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