When to DIY and When to Call in the Plumbing Pros

When faced with clogged pipes, toilet troubles or broken faucets, most of the time you need to make a choice. You can either attempt to fix the problem yourself, or you can call a professional plumbing service in your area to handle your pipe problems. Here are some suggestions that just may sway you in one direction or the other before when determining if you should give your Pittsburgh plumber a call.

On Your Own

When it comes to plumbing repairs, unless you have some past plumbing experience in your wheelhouse it’s always best to proceed with caution. It’s probably wise to only attempt to repair it yourself if your problems are fairly simple. For example, if a drain is clogged with debris that you can clearly see, you can try using a plunger, a snake if you have one, or other tools to help you get your pipes unclogged. If you can’t fix a simple problem with common tools, it might be time to call in the pros.

DIY Plumbing Caveats

It may be tempting to try to fix a problem by yourself to save money. However, it doesn’t always work out like that. Sometimes a DIY repair can end up costing you more money than if you called in the professionals. For instance, you might completely misdiagnose the problem, which can end up costing you extra time and money. Or, if you do not have the correct tools and parts, you might need to buy them at a hardware store, which can get expensive in no time at all. You might even buy the wrong tools and parts. During your attempt to fix or locate the cause of your trouble, you may even create more problems, resulting in extra headaches and even more expenses than before!

When to Contact Your Pittsburgh Plumbing Professional

Plumbing experts have all the tools, parts and expertise that you need to repair your plumbing and drain cleaning problems. Because they are experienced tradesmen that work in the field each and every day, they can quickly diagnose your problems and come up with workable solutions that save you time, money and major headaches over the long-term. Using state-of-the-art tools like a plumbing video inspection camera can help locate the problem area in no time at all while giving them an up-close and personal view of your pipes before the repairs even begin.

When your household plumbing problems go beyond the simple clog or blocked drain, call in the professionals at Mister Sewer to get your pipes back up to par. Using state-of-the-art video sewer inspection cameras and trenchless plumbing repair services, Mister Sewer can save you time and money on almost all of your household plumbing repair needs. For quality, courteous service that saves you from all the hassle and headache of DIY repairs, contact Mister Sewer today!

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