4 Plumbing Myths Costing You Big Bucks

Deciding between what is true and what a myth is can be a job in itself. We are here to debunk a few myths that are so widely expressed seem to be facts. Now, as resilient as homeowners across the country think their pipes and drains are, it doesn’t take a lot to create a full-scale emergency that requires the services of a licensed plumber. It doesn’t help that there are plumbing myths and misconceptions that refuse to die. These myths can cost a family thousands of dollars in repairs, so we’ll attempt to put them to rest once and for all.

Myth: Lemons Clean Garbage Disposals

Yes, lemons seem to be an almost universal ingredient in cleaning products, but they should never go down your garbage disposal. Lemon rinds and other citrus fruits can wrap themselves around a disposal’s blades and create a stubborn clog. Said clog may smell wonderful, but that doesn’t change the fact that your garbage disposal is now useless and your sink is backed up.

Myth: Running Water Will Force Anything Down a Drain Safely

While running water down your drain is never a bad idea, it doesn’t change the fact that there are still some things down there that shouldn’t be. Water won’t stop cooking grease from congealing and clogging your pipes, and it will probably make things worse if you’re trying to wash pasta or rice down your kitchen drain. A serious clog will stop water from going down a drain altogether, so running your sink with the hopes that the offending material will be dislodged and flow safely into your sewer line will just give you a flooded kitchen or bathroom.

Myth: As Long as Something Goes Down the Drain, You Won’t Have to Worry About It

People take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to sending anything down a drain. Things can get stuck on the walls of your pipes, and in time that will create a clog that you won’t be able to see. If you notice that your sink is draining more slowly than usual, you have a clog in the making somewhere in your plumbing. It’s best to have these problems fixed sooner rather than later. It’s much easier to repair a slow drain than it is to unclog one that is completely stopped up. Being proactive instead of reactive is the best bet when it comes to your drains.

Myth: Plumbing Fixtures Require No Maintenance

Far too many people believe that their plumbing requires no maintenance. As long as their sinks drain properly and their toilets flush without any trouble, they assume that everything is in proper working order. Sadly, this isn’t the case. Tree roots can invade older sewer lines, old pipes can burst if they freeze and clogs can build slowly over time. Ignoring your plumbing for too long – even when things seem to be working just fine – can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

Just like everything else in your home, your plumbing needs occasional maintenance if it is to keep working like it should. If you think your home even has the beginnings of a plumbing problem or if it’s been a few years since you’ve hired a licensed plumber, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Mister Sewer to come out and take a look. Preventive maintenance is always cheaper and less stressful than an extensive repair. Give us a call at 412-835-2135 if you run into these common drain issues.


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