Home Plumbing Repairs 101: Handling Your Pipes Like a Pro

From time to time, you may encounter problems with the plumbing system in your Pittsburgh area home. You may seek the assistance of a plumber in Pittsburgh to solve your more advanced problem. We are here to show you that you can handle some problems on your own. If you think you need professional drain cleaning or the services of a Pittsburgh plumbing expert to deal with your basic or intermediate plumbing problems, here are some do-it-yourself (DIY) tips that may help you before you make that call.

Changing a Showerhead

A leaking showerhead, that constantly drips water, is a repair that must be addressed immediately. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C., showerheads that are leaking result in the loss of more than 500 gallons of water annually, based on a drip rate of 10 drips per minute. Simply replace your leaking showerhead with a new one, properly installed as per the installation instructions, and you will be able to reduce water loss and the toll this type of plumbing problem has on your plumbing system.

Cover Exterior or Exposed Pipes

Plumbing pipes in your home that are exposed to the cold are at a greater risk of failure than those that have been insulated. This is because water in these pipes, when exposed to cold, are subject to freezing when the exterior temperatures drop. Frozen water may result in a pipe bursting or becoming damaged once the outside temperature heats up enough to promote the free flow of liquid. The use of a fiberglass foam installation can help keep your pipes properly insulated and protected from the elements.

Replacing a Bad Toilet

A leaking toilet that cannot be fixed by simply replacing the flapper may need to be replaced altogether. Such a replacement is a job that can be performed as a DIY project without the assistance of a Pittsburgh plumbing professional. The key is to follow the steps required to remove the old leaking toilet, replace the floor flange which forms the seal between the toilet and your sewerage system, and make sure you replace the base securely in order to eliminate those leaks that are causing you to waste water and cause damage.

Adding Valves and Sweating Pipes

A repair that you may want to learn to become proficient at is the sweating of copper pipes and valve replacement (an addition). If you encounter breaks or damage to small sections of copper piping in your plumbing system, it may be in your best interest to attempt to replace those sections on your own instead of hiring a professional. The skills associated with sweating copper pipes are no different than the skills used for changing the oil in your car. Sweating, after you have cut away the section of damaged pipe with a pipe cutter, involves cleaning the area, adding flux to bind the new section, and heating the sections in order to adhere the new to the old. Once you have accomplished this, the process will become easier every time you need to attempt such a repair.

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