How to Get Your Plumbing Ready for Summer

Hot weather brings about many fun activities. Days are filled with sports, vacations, cookouts, and parties. Rather than dealing with plumbing repairs throughout the summer months, why not get things in order ahead of time? Here are some ways to get your plumbing ready for summer.

Check Your Sprinkler System and Outdoor Spigots

When it’s time to water your plants, trees, and lawn, you’ll want to check your sprinkler system and outdoor spigots for leaks. Make sure spigots don’t leak at the spout once they’re turned off.  Also, while the spigot is turned on, check the pipes that come out of the house to look for drips or small sprays that indicate cracks or improper seals. 

The first time you run your sprinkler system, check all sprinkler heads to make sure water isn’t pooling up around the head. Also, set the radius of the sprinkler heads to water the necessary area only, so as to not waste water on streets and driveways.

Check Sewer Lines and Septic Systems

Because sewer lines can develop cracks that allow rain water to seep in and cause backups, it’s important to have your sewer lines inspected by a professional before summer starts. Tree roots can also cause havoc by growing through the joints in pipes and cause blockages. These can be cut out with powerful blades and some companies are able to provide root destroyer on order to prevent further growth into the pipes.

If you have a septic system, keep in mind that guests and parties mean more water use in a short period of time. Make sure to schedule an inspection, as well as yearly maintenance, to be done before summer. It is wise to plan ahead for parties by doing laundry and other high water usage tasks in the days prior to the arrival of guests. Also, put up a sign in the bathrooms reminding guests of what not to flush down the toilet. These measures will prevent an overload on the system and keep everything running smoothly.   

Check Indoor Plumbing

In the summer people usually have more laundry due to outdoor activities. As you approach summer, inspect washing machine hoses for cracks, bulges, and leaks. Make sure your washing machine is at least 4 inches from the wall to prevent kinks in the hoses.

Take a walk through your house and check under all sinks to make sure there aren’t any leaks as you run water. Check your garbage disposal to make sure it is flushing properly. You can remove the connections under your kitchen sink that connect to your faucet and garbage disposal and make sure the lines are cleaned out. Just be sure to have buckets underneath to catch water that may be sitting in the pipes, and wear gloves as you clean. Reattach all connections and check again for leaks before calling it good.

Remember that garbage disposals are not equipped to handle fibrous foods such as corn cobs, celery, potato skins, carrot peels, and onion skins. Other items to avoid putting down the disposal include grease, fats, and oils, eggshells, and starches like pasta, rice, potatoes, and beans. Always run cold water down your disposal for 15 seconds before and after running it, and continuously run water while it is grinding.

Inspect Your Water Heater

It’s a good idea to have your water heater inspected once a year to make sure it is working properly. With guest taking showers, as well as extra showers after sports and outdoor activities, you’ll want your water heater to be in tip top shape. Did you know you should drain your water heater at least once a year to remove any sediment built up? You can also save money by insulating your water heater. Always check pipes and hoses for leaks, bulging, and improper seals.

Following these tips to get your plumbing ready for the heat of summer will ensure a less stressful season.  Get your plumbing in tip top shape with the professionals at Mister Sewer!

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