Is Your Water Bill Too High?

Your water bill has been steady for months, or even years, and now has suddenly skyrocketed for no known reason.  This baffling occurrence often causes people to eye their neighbors suspiciously, yet high water bills are rarely the case of water theft.  Before you start interrogating the neighbors, here are just a few of the common causes of high water bills.

Changes in Water Use

Many changes in water bills can be attributed to subtle increases in water usage.  Have you recently had house guests that may have doubled or tripled the water use in your home for a period of time?  In the springtime, you might have begun watering lawns and flower beds again.  In the summer, perhaps you filled up the swimming pool or are running water-cooled air conditioners more frequently.

Faucet Leaks

Another common cause of higher water bills is toilet and faucet leaks.   In fact, a continuously running toilet can waste as much as 200 gallons a day of water.   This should be one of the first items you assess, and if are looking for a professional, our Pittsburg plumbing services would be happy to help.  Faucet leaks are another issue that can escalate water bills.  Check around plumbing fixtures for signs of dampness, mold, or deterioration.  You’ll also want to inspect your hot water heater for any possible leaks.  Plumbing experts agree that this could be both a source of leaks, as well as  an item that you’ll want to have regularly inspected.

Underground Leaks

Water leaks can occur in hidden and hard to reach places, such as underneath your home or yard.  To detect these issues, you’ll need to check crawl spaces, outdoor spigots, and attempt to identify unusual wet spots in your yard.  There are plumbers in Pittsburgh that specialize in this sort of water line inspection and repair, as this is specialized and not something that you’d want to try on your own.

Other Causes

Sometimes there are other, more obscure, causes for a spike in your water bill.  An old water meter may not work as well as a more modern version.  If you have exhausted all other measures and are questioning the validity of your readings, don’t be afraid to ask the water company to inspect their meter.

High water bills can be an accumulating problem, particularly if they are due to leaks.  It’s estimated that a dripping leak can consume 450 gallons of water per month, and just a 1/8-inch leak can consume over 114,000 gallons each month.  If your water bill has gone through the roof and you need some help diagnosing the problem, we’d be more than happy to come out help.  Give us a call at 412-835-2135 to schedule an appointment with one of Mister Sewer’s plumbing services experts.

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