The Hazards of High Water Pressure

Many people believe that having high water pressure is a good thing. While you don’t want the water to trickle out of your faucet or shower, a home with too much water pressure can lead to expensive damage.  In fact, excessive water pressure is often the cause of such problems is plumbing leaks, pipe damage, and costly wasted water.   Here is how you can identify abnormally high water pressure, the hazards of elevated pressure in your home, and what you can do about it.

Identifying High Water Pressure

High water pressure can usually be identified through observation.  Water may suddenly start coming out of your faucets at a rate that is much faster than you are accustomed to.  Another sign is called “water hammer.”  This is a banging noise in your pipes caused by a pressure surge that occurs when fast moving water is brought to an abrupt halt when shutting down.   Other signs of potential water pressure problems are leaking faucets, running toilets, and a shorter life of appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers, or washing machines.

If you don’t notice any of these items happening in your home, you can purchase a water pressure test gauge from a home improvement store. This gauge is used to verify the water pressure in your home.  They are easily attached to an outside faucet or a water heater’s drain connection.  If your reading is 60 PSI or less, leave the gauge in place for a few days and then recheck.  If the pressure reads higher than 80 PSI, your pressure is too high.  If you need help diagnosing pressure issues, be sure to enlist the Pittsburgh plumbing services experts to lend a hand.

The Hazards of Elevated Water Pressure

The most common problem that results in high water pressure is the deterioration and failure of a home’s plumbing system.  High water pressure can lead to small pinhole leaks in pipes that are created to relieve pressure. Even a small leak can cause major damage to a home over time.  If you suspect these issues, enlist the services of an experienced plumber as soon as possible.

Fixing High Water Pressure Issues

Even if your water pressure becomes elevated only occasionally due to the actions of your water company, you’ll want to address this for the sake of your home’s systems, as well as your water bill. The best way to prevent high pressure water issues find a plumber who can install a water pressure regulator on your main water line so that the overall pressure coming into your home remains at a steady flow.

As a homeowner, knowing that your home’s systems are safe from damage is important.  Our Pittsburgh plumbers can help determine if you have high water pressure problems and work to resolve those issues quickly. Let our experienced plumbers at Mister Sewer save you from potential damage by call us today!

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