What to Do When That Strange Smell Comes from Your Sewer

You may wake up in the morning asking “Where in the world is that horrible smell coming from” and the only answer may be a place you have little control over. That place is the dreaded sewer. Strange smells from your sewer may be caused by a variety of different sources. It is important to understand the source of your sewer smells emanating in the home as well as the affirmative steps to identify and solve this problem. Here is some information to help you deal with and eliminate those strange smells in your home.

Here is the knowhow on strange smells entering your home as well as information to beat this problem at its source. Once you gain this understanding, you should know how to seek assistance necessary to remove those strange smells coming into your home in order to avoid dangerous exposure to toxic gas and maintain a fresh and clean smelling home environment.

How Strange Smells Enter Your Home

Strange smells enter your home mainly through your plumbing system. The smell that you experience in your home is a gas known as hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide gas, which smells like rotten eggs, can be dangerous if inhaled for a prolonged period of time. Long-term exposure to the gas may be life threatening to some people, according to information provided by the U.S. Department of Labor. This means that when you know that this smell has invaded your home, you need to take measures immediately to determine the source of the smell and how to remove it from your home.

The Source of Your Strange Smells

A problem with your septic system and the piping connecting your toilet is the source of the problem needing addressed. Poorly connected pipes or a plumbing system that is in a state of corrosion can create a situation where hydrogen sulfide gas, used to help you determine if your sewerage system is failing, is not being properly vented. When your plumbing system is not properly vented then the smells will keep coming until you eliminate the source.

What to Do When Your Sewer Smells Fill Your Home

A Pittsburgh plumbing company may be the answer to eliminating the strange smells in your home. The assistance of a professional plumber can help you determine the source of your odor and eliminate the smell from your home. Where such a repair involves the replacement of pipes that are determined to be the source of your bad smells, a Pittsburgh plumbing company can be helpful in providing you with an estimate as to the cost for replacing your bad pipes and a time frame in which such a replacement can happen.

Bad and strange smells that come from your home’s sewer is a serious matter. You should not accept strange odors as a function of an aging plumbing system. The build-up of hydrogen sulfide gas is not only unhealthy, it represents a clear and present danger to you and your family if exposed for a long period of time.

You go to drastic lengths to keep your house clean and smelling fresh. To have that all ruined because of faulty pipes or a gas leak causing a horrible smell is less than ideal. At Mister Sewer, our team of Pittsburgh plumbers understands plumbing problems occur and sometimes these problems can only be handled by a true professional. That is why we offer fast, affordable and efficient solutions to stop the problem at its source. So if you are in need of drain maintenance or you’re just in need of a proper checkup for your plumbing system, call the experts at Mister Sewer for all your residential plumbing service needs today.





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