What to Do When Your Drain Starts to Gurgle

As a homeowner, you want to be aware of any problem that arises with your home in order to take care of it immediately. If not, it may turn into an even larger problem. So when you are using your kitchen or bathroom sink and hear a gurgling sound coming from the drain, should you panic? Should you ignore it? Is something wrong? Do you need to hire a drain cleaning service? There are several reasons for this issue, some requiring a professional plumber.

What Causes Your Drain To Gurgle?

That gurgling sound is actually air bubbles forcing their way up from inside your drain. When a clog forms down in your pipes, a pocket of air can form around the clog causing the trapped air to make its way up as water flows down from your sink.

There are also ventilation pipes that diverge from the water pipes and lead to the roof. These airways allow gasses from the sewer line to escape through the roof vents. But if those vents become clogged, usually with bird, rodent, and insect nesting materials and debris, the gasses are forced back down into the water lines and make their way up to your drain.

Lastly, the sewer line that leads from your home to the street can also become clogged. If this is not addressed promptly, major and costly damage can occur.

So when your sink starts to gurgle, something is definitely wrong and should be addressed sooner rather than later. A professional drain cleaning may be in order. Below are some steps to take to help you fix your drain and sewer pipes before more damage is done.

Step 1: Isolate The Cause Of The Gurgle

If the sink itself gurgles when in use, then it may be that the problem is limited to that particular sink and the vent or drain line that extends from it. However, if you notice the sound coming from the sink when you flush a toilet or drain the tub, perhaps even from another bathroom,  then that shows that the problem is with the main vent.

Step 2: Use A Snake Or Auger To Clear The Vent And Drain Pipe

If you have the tools and experience to tackle this job on your own, then feel free to work on it yourself. If you think the vent is blocked, then try hosing the vents up on the roof to clear any debris that has accumulated there. You can also use a sewer auger from the roof vent opening, pushing it all the way down to wherever the blockage has occurred.

If you think the clog is in your drain pipe, try removing the drain plate and using a snake to push through the clog. If you have a small drain along the outside of your home, you can also try inserting the snake there and pushing through the sewer line out to the street.

Step 3: Call A Professional

Please be advised that all of these options require the right tools, knowledge, and experience. If you are unsure of what you’re doing, it’s possible to make matters worse, causing extensive damage and perhaps even voiding your home warranty or insurance coverage. If you aren’t 100% ready to do the job correctly, then call a professional plumber for assistance. Mister Sewer has years of plumbing experience and is ready to help with all of your plumbing needs.  Call us today!

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