Repairing a Sewer Line Clog

Nearly every homeowner faces the obstacle of clogged drain pipes at some point. Whether your clog is caused by tree roots or accidentally flushing something down the toilet, clogged drains can lead to costly problems if they are not addressed quickly. Get your sewer line clog checked out quickly to prevent a backup, which may lead to messy and costly damages throughout your home.

Keeping an eye open for any red flags is the best way to know if you have any drain issues in your household. If you notice any signs of drain failure, contact the drain repair experts at Mister Sewer. For over 25 years, the plumbers of Mister Sewer have been providing the Pittsburgh area with quality and professional plumbing and drain services. Offering both drain snaking and hydro jetting, Mister Sewer will have your drains working as good as new in no time. Call us today at 412.835.2135 and schedule an appointment for a state-of-the-art camera sewer inspection, discovering if the problem goes deeper than just your drain.

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