Eric Boff

My wife and I recently purchased a house. We had a really bad sewer backup within 30 days of owning. I panicked. I called a big named franchised plumbing company. Their plumber came out, used a tool from 1963(sarcasm), and could not get passed my house sewer trap. I was told the pipe was collapsed. $6500.00 will fix it. I did not have the money for that since we have sunk our savings into the home purchase. I called Mr. Sewer, Jason, the owner, promptly called me back. Mind you, over a holiday weekend. He calmed me down, told me to take a step back and talked with me for a good length of time. He recommended I get a second opinion, whether from his company or not. I agreed to have them come out. His employee Rob showed up quickly. State of the art equipment unpacked, he cleared my clog which was not even at the house sewer trap, it was a root clog 35 ft away. The price? $150 out the door. Yes, $150. They saved me from an almost $7000 mistake. I will go nowhere else. They have a lifelong customer. Thank you guys! It’s refreshing to know that there are still honest people out there!

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