We’ll Solve Your Sewer & Drain Problems!

Your Responsibility

As a homeowner, you’re responsible for the portion of sewer line that runs from your house to the city’s line. Though your sewer pipe is often an afterthought, your responsibility can become a very important issue when there’s a problem.

Efficient Solutions

Different sewer pipes require different methods of repair. A fix that resolves a problem in one type of pipe may further damage another type. If you have one clogged drain or several clogs, don’t risk damage, unnecessary digging, or a repair that won’t last. Call Mister Sewer, the sewer line expert.

When you have a clog, we don’t just start digging. Mister Sewer will conduct a camera sewer inspection to find the source of the problem, as well as repair options that work for your type of pipe.

A Pittsburgh Sewer Repair Company

We have more than 25 years of experience fixing sewer pipes in the  Pittsburgh area. We understand that your Pittsburgh Potty can be a blessing or a curse. We have the expertise to address sewer problems  properly, and we take the time to make sure the job is done right.