4 Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Some Repair

A sewer line blockage may be invisible, but it can trigger extensive harm inside a home. The average homeowner most likely is aware those sewers lines help carry wastewater from his/her home to subterranean sewer mains. Past that, most homeowners give little attention to their sewer lines right until they’ve some type of clog. A sewer line clog may result in a raw sewage back-up coming from the drains, which could cause considerable damage to your home and a costly sewer line replacement or repair.

Homeowners who recognize and react to their property’s early alert system can avert off serious sewer and plumbing problems. Listed here are a few elements you should pay consideration to.

1. Clogged Toilets or Drains

The most common warning flags, sewer experts say, is water oozing out of the toilet plumbing or a drain, or a gurgling sound originating from the drains. If you observe that when you are finished with a washing machine, the lavatories start percolating; it sounds as if coffee pot is percolating – or you will get water all over the floor drain inside the basement, that’s one of the primary tell-tale signs.

2. Water Level Fluctuations

One sure hint you might be having a sewer line issue is when the water level of the toilet fluctuates often. Luckily, these sorts of fluctuations ought to be quick to notice. However, if you regularly encounter low levels one day and high water levels the next, odds are it’s a sign of a larger problem.

3. Foul Smells and Odd Sounds

If the sewer line is impaired, you can also anticipate smelling some pretty unpleasant odors, and hearing certain strange clanking sound when water is emptying from the fittings. Neither of these signals should be disregarded, since they most likely suggest that sewage is dripping out of the pipes. If you are able to find the issue when it’s just a leak, you can as well avert a full-blown plumbing turmoil.

4. Tree Roots                             

Tree roots are the main trigger of a blocked sewer line, particularly in an old home. In newer houses, typical sources of blocking include paper towels, female hygiene items, and even certain forms of plumper toilet paper. Experts say slow-flowing drains, and gurgling sounds from the toilet bowls are the good indicators that the sewer unit is being damaged by tree roots. If you do not take action to get rid of the roots, a full sewer line block may arise.


Release the Pressure

If you have a blockage in your house and feel that a clogged sewer drain is the trigger, it’s vital to shut-off the water source. Homeowners who’ve access to sewer clean-out line — generally a short, circular, white-colored pipe with a plastic cap situated in the yard close to the property — can eradicate the clean out cap during a backup to launch pressure build-up and ship water outside.

If your home is suffering from several of the issues outlined above, or if a number of different drains in the property are secured, then the possibility you’ve a sewer line issue is considerably higher. If that’s the case, you should certainly call a sewer cleaning and repair professional immediately. Don’t take a chance on your home’s sewer line and drains by contacting Mister Sewer. Our courteous team of Pittsburgh plumbers can help put your worries at rest by delivering fast, affordable and efficient repairs to your home’s sewer and plumbing system. Call us today for all of your drain clog or plumbing issues, and discover how we can help keep your home in perfect working order.

20 thoughts on “4 Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Some Repair

  1. Lately, I have been wondering whether or not there is anything wrong with my sewer line, because I keep smelling bad smells in my backyard. However, I haven’t been able to detect any water or place where the smell could be coming from. Isn’t the ground usually a bit damp with water when there are sewer problems?

  2. Toilet plumbing emergencies are one of my biggest fears, ever since my old roommate overflowed our toilet countless times. I used to get some bad smells in my room that was next to the bathroom. I never considered that it may have been sewer build up. thanks for the info.

  3. It’s a scary thought that a sewer block can be invisible and cause serious damage at the same time. I’m a new homeowner and have no idea what to look for if I’m having problems like this. This article helped me a ton though and I feel really good about knowing what to look for and what service to call if I’m having a problem.

  4. I think that it is important to be able to get your sewer checked routinely. I think that it is important to clean it often. This way you can avoid some of these signs, such as foul odors.

  5. I think it would be smart to have the sewer line checked if there are problems like this. I know that you also should look into getting a professional excavation team together to help with the sewer. Then you will be able to fix the plumbing.

  6. It is very important to maintain your septic tank regularly to avoid the bad circumstances. still if you get into some of these things you must always consult an expert and not to start working on it by yourself.

  7. I didn’t know a clogged drain could be an indicator of a sewer line problem. I have noticed that the toilet has been clogging fairly often. I think either way I’m calling a plumber to come take a look and see what’s going on.

  8. You mentioned that the most common warning flags, sewer experts say, is water oozing out of the toilet plumbing or a drain, or a gurgling sound originating from the drains. My wife called me this morning because our bathroom is flooding from toilet water. Do most sewer service companies offer regularly scheduled maintenance? Hiring a reputable sewer service might be a good idea.

  9. It never occurred to me that the problem could be caused by tree roots. It also worries me a little since my husband had made a comment the other day about a weird gurgling sound. Even if it is something else, it doesn’t sound like it’s something you want to wait to have inspected.

  10. I had no idea that one sign that you need your sewer line repaired is that there will be foul smells. I can see why this would be an easy way of noticing that something is wrong. I know that in my house I often attribute the smells to the lake that is close to our house. I’ll have to consult with an expert about it just in case here is an issue.

  11. My brother has been having some issues with his plumbing. His toilets have been acting weird and will sometimes flush on their own. I didn’t realize that fluctuating water levels can be indicative of sewer line issues and that a professional should come and take a look immediately. I’ll be sure to let my brother know.

  12. I have been experiencing some problems in my home with my water line levels! I can tell because like this article said, my toilet water level line is fluctuating. I am going to call a plumber and I hope it’s an easy fix.

  13. I have been experiencing some problems in my home with my water line levels! I can tell because like this article said, my toilet water level line is fluctuating. I am going to call a plumber and I hope it’s an easy fix.

  14. I noticed that my drains haven’t been working all that well lately, and my sink seems to ooze a little bit after flushing the toilet. At first I thought nothing of it, but I noticed a faintly bad smell. According to the article, the bad smell could indicate that my sewer line is starting to become impaired. If I were to call a plumber, what tests would he run to determine what the actual cause of the problem is?

  15. That makes sense that an impacted sewer line could cause some odors. I’ve been hearing clanking, too. I think I’ll have to call sewage cleaner before this becomes a problem.

  16. The part that focused on tree roots was educational. There are quite a few trees that surround my house. It’s good to know that the roots can become a problem for the sewer lines.

  17. There have been several signs of a septic tank problem in my order the most common being the smell from the toilet. We weren’t sure until reading this post but now it seems we have a real problem on our hands. It is an issue we have been dealing with without realizing its bigger meaning but we will make the right calls and have a professional fix the problem.

  18. There really is a lot that you can look for that would tell you whether or not the sewer line connected to your home is in need of repair. The article makes a very good point about how troublesome foul smells can be if they start coming up through your pipes. After all, no one wants to deal with sewage smells in their home, so it is best to call someone to come look at the sewer line as soon as possible.

  19. Problems with the toilet sewer are something I don’t want to deal with. And what better time for our toilet to get clogged? It’s when my husband is not around because of a business trip. I’ll definitely call a professional for help with this.

  20. I appreciate how you mentioned that a malfunctioning sewer pipe can result in sewage back-up coming from the drains into your home. My husband and I are noticing that our toilets are having a hard time flushing and we’re worried it could be a sign of a damaged sewer pipe. We’ll have to call a professional for trenchless pipe replacement so we can make sure our toilets and septic system are functioning properly so we don’t cause costly damage to our home.

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