Clogged Drains in Bathroom- Self Service Remedy and Professional Help

Signs of Clogged Shower/ Bathtub Drain:

Some of the most common signs that indicate that the shower and bath tub is clogged include:

  • A stench coming from near the drain could mean that down under, someplace the drain is not smooth and is clogged. Since water is not passing out freely, it is getting deposited and hence given a stench.
  • If the water is stopping and is taking time to drain out then this also means there is blockage in the drain’s passage.
  • Sometimes, in severe situations, water begins to come out of the drain let alone not going into it. This means there is something very serious hidden from the eye.

Self Service Drain Clearing:

First thing first, know the diameter and size of the drainage hole. Commonly, a bath tub drainage hole is one and half inches in diameter while that of shower is a couple inches in diameter. Only use the right size tool when it comes to any do-it-yourself drain cleaning.

Mostly, if deposited hair are the reason for the clog or another similar item like a child’s underpants then it can be removed from the drain’s passage easily and on one’s own. The first step is to unscrew and remove the grate of the drain and to see what is stuck, using a snake wire to maneuver it inside the drain’s passage clears everything by pulling it out. If even after clearing the drain the problem is not solved, then it is time to call for a professional. It is advisable that if the problem lies a bit deep and no tool reaches it, never to put hand into it thinking that it can be pulled off. There is nothing worse than a hand stuck in the drainage hole.

Professional Drain Cleaning:

With any major clogging issue, a professional drain cleaning service should be called in to inspect the issue. Professional drain cleaners use the help of state-of-the-art tools and technology to better diagnose and fix the clogged drains in your home, helping you save money and time when your drain issues appear to be over your head.

For quality professional drain cleaning you can trust, contact Mister Sewer. Our technicians have been serving the Pittsburgh area for over 25 years, providing each customer with honest and reliable service to repair your clogs quickly and efficiently. Using our sewer inspection camera, we’ll find the source of your clog and determine the next steps to help you save time and money. If you are experiencing clogged drains in your bathroom or anywhere else in your home, don’t hesitate to call the drain repair experts at Mister Sewer.

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