When Snaking a Drain May Be the Right Solution

Over time, it’s not unusual for drains in your home to become clogged or to drain so slowly that they are almost unusable. Most stoppages occur in the bathroom and kitchen. However, if you have a sink or floor drain in the garage, they can happen there too.

One of the most common ways to clear a clog is by snaking the drain. Sometimes a plumber’s snake is a simple fix that homeowners can do all by themselves. Other times the repair may require the help of a company that offers professional plumbing services. These types of experts are experienced at determining if a snake or other tools are necessary or if the problem can be fixed or prevented with a thorough drain and sewer cleaning.

If your attempts to clear a clog using drain cleaning chemicals or a plunger have proved unsuccessful, it may be time to try a snake. Read on for a few other signs that using a drain snake may be the best way for you to clear a drain or if it might be time to call a professional plumber.

Location Matters

When first put down the drain, some materials may seem harmless. However, later, after they have moved further down the drainpipe, they can harden and clog it. When clogs and obstructions are located far down in hard to reach places, it is often a good idea to use a plumber’s snake. A snake can reach further than many other types of tools, since it is usually a long, flexible steel cable that is wound around a spool that’s fitted with a hand crank.

All the Right Flex

Because a drain snake is bendable, it can move around the curves and twists of most drain pipes. If the clog is located in an area of pipe that has a lot of twists and turns, it is a good tool to use because it won’t get stuck when it encounters turns in the pipes. And, since it is usually long and flexible, it will be able to reach the obstacle that is clogging the pipe. There is an auger at the end of the snake that can hook onto the obstructions. Once hooked, the material that is causing the blockage can be pulled out of the drain.

When to Call a Professional

Because the location or cause of the clog is sometimes difficult to identify, some individuals would rather work with a company that offers plumbing repair services instead of trying to do it themselves. Plus, using a snake takes guts. The materials that come out of a backed-up drain can smell bad and are not always pretty. Also, because drain snakes are made out of metal, great care and skill must be used to avoid scratching or chipping plumbing fixtures. To keep this from happening, it may be necessary to approach the problem from a place that is further down from where the clog is located. To do this, it may be necessary to remove the trap pipe or other parts and go from there. This can lead to complications and may be more than some individuals can handle. Although some people are comfortable working on their own plumbing, many people find drain and sewer cleaning may be best performed by experts who can quickly diagnose and repair the problem.

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